a loveletter from mankind

Dear Mother Nature,

For centuries I have neglected you.
For centuries I thought you were
not worthy of my love.
And I feel ashamed to admit
it's a virus that opened my eyes.

How wrong was I!

I love you, I need you!
Sweet Mother Earth,
let me protect you.
Forgive me
for my foolishness,
for all my wrongdoings...

...and marry me.

Till death do us part.


For this engraving art series artist Hanneke Wetzer uses scratchboard,
a form of direct engraving where dark ink is scratched off to reveal a white or colored layer beneath.

Scratchboard refers to both a fine-art medium, and an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools
for engraving into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with dark India ink.