Leda and the Swan

Leda and the Swan is a famous story from Greek mythology in which
the god Zeus seduced, or raped, Leda in the form of a swan.
She gave birth to two white eggs, from which two twins were born

As fine art duo Wetzer & Waalwijk Hanneke Wetzer works together with Esther van Waalwijk.
The project Leda and the Swan was born, a free translation from the equally named Greek myth.
In this project pictures taken from an antique camera face a photographic translation with the
Instagram App of a modern iPhone in combination with a performance in the city. Also the chosen
setting brings contrasts; the silence of the portrait studio against the vociferous surroundings
of the city Eindhoven. Leda and her love for the swan stay perfectly calm in both situations.

Leda and the Swan (Venlo)

Leda and the Swan (Admirant Art)

Leda and the Swan (Eindhoven)