works and lives
Eindhoven, NL
studies ’06-’10 Illustrative Design, HKU Utrecht
  ’98-’00 Health Science, UM Maastricht
internships ’09 Silvia B., Rotterdam (Fine Art)
  ’08 Peter Zwaan, Den Haag (Fine Art)
  ’07-’08 Steven Luca Groenen, Eindhoven (Puppetry)
  ’05-’06 Design al Dente, Eindhoven (Graphic Design)
artist assistent ’11-’13 Han Hoogerbrugge, Rotterdam (Animation)
  ’10-’13 Peter Zwaan, Den Haag (Fine Art)
  ’12 Bart Hess, Eindhoven (Design)
  ’09-’10 Silvia B., Rotterdam (Fine Art)
co-curatorship ’15-’16 Weather or Not, one year expo project, black containers MU | Strijp-S, Eindhoven
  ’13-’14 Genderblender, gender diversity art expo, MU | Strijp-S, Eindhoven
  09⁄12-’13 Kunstgra-S, art expo, Urban Shopper, Strijp-S, Eindhoven
  ’10-’11 Photo 3.0, photo manifestation, TAC, Eindhoven
group exhibitions 06⁄07-’18 ART SWAP, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
  06-’18 Stigma, Badlab, Eindhoven
  04⁄05-’18 PREVIEW, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
  03-’18 Colours of History, Roumi Art Institute, Rotterdam
  11⁄12-’17 We Love Photography!, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
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solo exhibitions 06-’13 Huminal, Faces, Eindhoven
  11-’12⁄02-’13 Human Zoo, Zity Zoo, The Hague
  06-’12 Eye Be Dazzled - Eye, Welp, Eindhoven
  12-’11⁄02-’12 Still in Motion, Alla Casa, Venlo
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group projects 07’18 Darwin Project Live, fine art project
  05-’17 Prett Sessie, fine art project
  ’16-’17 365+1 BEELDBAD, daily drawing
  06-’15 Same Time, Always Behind, video collaboration with Emily DiCarlo
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press / interviews 03-’18 Q&A, This is Eindhoven
  10-’16 Weather or Not, Sciencepart
  09-’16 Weather or Not, Metropolis M
  09-’16 Weather or Not, Mister Motley
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commissions07-’18Guido Neijnens Architecture, photo series publication at GNARCH
 01-’18Africa Fashion Week Europe, fabric designs for Rachid Assoui
 01-’18Ugly, photo series for MUD Magazine, Eindhoven
 11-’17De Alleseter, illustrations for Joel Broekaert
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  06-’18 Being Live, Step in the Arena, Berenkuil, Eindhoven
performances 04-’18 Good Blood, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven
  10-’17 Being Gay, Day Day Gay, Strijp-S
  06-’17 Being Live, Step in the Arena, Berenkuil, Eindhoven
  12-’16 Showponies, Loftstories, Spoortocht040, Strijp-S
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assistance 01-’15 Define Beauty, model for Nowness, Bart Hess, Eindhoven
  01⁄02-’13 Bronbekers in beeld, fish scale production, Peter Zwaan, The Hague
  01⁄02-’13 Dow Jones III, animation for Boymans van Beuningen, Han Hoogerbrugge, Rotterdam
  01⁄02-’13 Parade, animation, Han Hoogerbrugge, Rotterdam
  11-’12 Unnatural Fur, applying needles for Twents Museum, Bart Hess, Eindhoven
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analogue publications 11-’18Sven Ratzke, photo publication in De Telegraaf
 10-’18Slapstick Formalism, photo series publication in Slapstick Formalism, Brad Downey
 09-’18Isaac Monte, photo publication in ERROR the art of imperfection
 08-’18Sven Ratzke, photo publication in NRC
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digital publicationsKatja Heitmann, photo series publication at Cacaofabriek
 11-’18The New Newsroom, photo series publication at We Make Money Not Art
 11-’18Katja Heitmann, photo publication at Marres
 11-’18Carebnb, photo publication at Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
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animation / video display 06-’15 Same Time, Always Behind, MU Art Space, Eindhoven
  ’14-’15 Ongeveer 10 minuten zin & onzin, EUDK, Kraaij & Balder, Eindhoven
  06-’14 Don't be a man. Act like a lady., Stuk-X, Lab-1, Eindhoven
  01-’14 Don't be a man. Act like a lady., Schaamteloos M/V, TAC, Eindhoven
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stock photography ’15 Getty Images
  ’15 Lori
  ’14-’15 AGEfotostock
prizes 06-’10 Best Thesis, Privacy is Verdacht, Graduation HKU, Utrecht
lectures 10-’10 Sex is more #3, lecture at Fontys in partnership with GGzE & Van Abbemuseum